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A large number of cases are usually settled before trial, but only after costly depositions, discovery, and trial preparations. Now, more and more clients opt for mediation as an effective and cost-efficient way to resolve civil cases. Not only does mediation save time and money, but it can decrease the uncertainty and risk of a jury trial. Many lawyers and litigants often select mediation as a viable way to resolve their legal disputes.

Clients who choose mediation are often more satisfied than those who turn to litigation. This is because mediation is:

  • Faster
  • Flexible (you can choose the mediator, time, and place)
  • Cheaper
  • More private than going to court
  • Allows you to control the outcome
  • Offers solutions that both agree on

Mediations are conducted by a neutral third-party. The goal of the mediator is to help both parties solve their issues without the hostility, blaming, or stresses found in a jury trial.

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Certified Civil Court Mediator

One of Finkel Law Firm LLC's managing partners, Harry Goldberg, has been a certified civil court mediator since 1995. During the course of his career, he has assisted numerous litigants and attorneys with resolving their cases. He has served as the chairman of the Alternative Dispute Resolution section of the South Carolina Bar and participated in many continuing legal education programs on mediation. We are proud to be led by a prominent attorney in the field of mediation.

Family Court Mediation

Mediation of civil cases is now mandatory in 33 counties across South Carolina, including Richland County. In Family Court, the Alternative Dispute Resolution rules mandate that parties attend mediation prior to trial or a final hearing.

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With mediation, the parties involved work together to find a solution that is right for their dispute. When parties come together to work out a problem, they are more likely to follow through with the solution. Through negotiation and compromise, our Charleston mediation lawyers have helped numerous clients avoid costly and time-consuming litigation.

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