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When a loved one passes away, you may be faced with the complex task of probate administration. At Finkel Law Firm LLC, our Charleston probate attorneys are ready to provide you with compassionate legal guidance to help you and your family through the often time-consuming and complicated probate process. Learn more about what you can expect and how Finkel Law Firm LLC can help.

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If you have questions about administering a will, turn to our trusted team at Finkel Law Firm LLC. We have helped numerous clients navigate the probate process with our personalized guidance.

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Assisting with Probate Administration and Litigation

Probate involves filing and validating a will with court. An executor is often appointed, either designated in the will or by the court, to execute all the tasks involved in probate. This can include paying off debts and taxes of the deceased and distributing the assets according to the will. Finkel Law Firm LLC can assist clients with all matters of probate administration and litigate any disputes that arise with probate.

The probate litigation services of Finkel Law Firm LLC include:

  • Contested trusts
  • Contested wills
  • Abuse of power of attorney
  • Probate fraud

Disputes typically arise when an individual is accused of abusing his or her fiduciary duty as a guardian or agent in a power of attorney. There is also the potential for fraud or abuse in probate, especially when large amounts of financial resources are at stake.

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If you need help administering probate or need to litigate a probate dispute, don't hesitate to contact Finkel Law Firm LLC. Our trial-tested Charleston attorneys can help to ensure that your probate is administered effectively and according to the wishes of your loved one.

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